SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of the initials of the word Search Engine Optimization. It covers the general work done to increase the ranking of sites or pages in search engines. The main purpose of Seo is to make search engine optimization list in the top rankings of the search engines, to provide information, services or sales on the websites to more relevant audience.

You need, many visitors

There are hundreds of keywords about your products and services. Almost all of these keywords bring visitors who will return for sale. Seo is the most cost-effective in terms of cost in internet marketing channels and the most successful in terms of effect. The reason for the return of the visitor who will return to the sale is not known after the search and therefore is a study that takes into account every possible keyword.

The most advantageous visitor channel

With Seo, it is ensured that the keywords that can attract a high number of organic visitors about your products and services are listed on the first page of your website in search engines. As a result of this study, visitors to your site are called organic visitors. Organic visitors from search engines have many advantages compared to visitors who come to the site through advertising channels.

More sales conversion

With SEO study from search engines form more sales percentage of visitors from organic, with another narrative, Seo buys more products from visitors after work. This is extremely natural because the internet user has a product or service in their own hands by searching the search engine has come. In short it is a visitor who knows what you are looking for.

More session time

As a result of the success achieved by the SEO work, it is a statistical fact that the visitors who visit you on the first page spend more time on your website than the visitors from other channels. Time spent in the site and page circulation time is one of the most important seo criteria. We encourage site owners to be more sensitive about this.


The most important element of the SEO work is to conduct the study in accordance with organic methods. If we need to define the SEO work in 2 stages, we can describe CRM Media as in-site and off-site studies.

In-site work, all the data from your site software, content, and all of the work done based on the Google criteria. Off-site seo work is the work of creating a reference link structure for increasing site authority.

With the increase in mobile use worldwide, the Google organic ranking criteria have also changed. Internet users use search engines to search for products. With the right strategies, we bring your site to the first page.


SEO, which is an important digital marketing network for corporate firms, e-commerce firms, news sites and many blogs, is very effective if it is done effectively. Identifying the keywords related to your products and services and coming to the first page as a result of seo work will increase your brand awareness and sales rates. Therefore, it is the most suitable and effective network for many companies.


As the technology develops, the habit of users also changes. Many firms move from shop logic to e-commerce systems or give weight. For this reason, in order not to fall behind the technology, e-commerce sites are given more importance to seo studies. With the increase in mobile usage, the search volume of the products or services is increasing. Therefore, being on the first page will make it easier for you to reach your customers.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) experts and want to get the right service, we are waiting for Karen Media.

Web Design

Using the newest technologies, we design websites that reflect your corporate identity in a professional way and in a very high quality way.


We provide the necessary analysis for your sector, and then analyze these analyzes in a comprehensive way and give you ideas on how to proceed and how to get your website to the best places.

Responsive Design

While the websites we design are suitable for all mobile products (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, etc.), they work with flawless flexibility in all browsers (Chrome, IExplorer, Firefox, etc.).


One of the other important points in website design is that your site has a design that is suitable for all search engines and seo infrastructure, and we always aim at the summit with this method.


We provide you with safe and problem-free service with special security ideas designed by our expert software developers.


It is our mission to be professional in your business and to meet you in the best way. 7 days and 24 hours unlimited service you can receive a fast and friendly team awaits you.